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Case Studies

New Loft.. No wires..

home theater retrofit audio video system The Jensons just purchased a new loft in Boulder and wanted a clean and modern looking surround sound system to match the style of their decor. As the walls and ceilings were already finished with industrial finishes running new wires for speakers was not possible without major renovation. We solved their problem by providing them with a system that was anchored by a Yamaha Sound Projector mounted on the wall just under the flatscreen plasma TV. The Yamaha YSP has up to 40 processor controlled aimable sound projectors that utilize the walls and ceilings of your home to project and reflect sound recreating an unbelievable surround sound experience.

Monitoring a Vacation Home

HAI security home automation A client was building a new cabin in the mountains and wanted to be able to monitor their cabin's systems while they were away. Through the use of an HAI security system we were able to provide them with the ability to monitor the security system's armed/disarmed status along with the current indoor and outdoor temperature and electrical power status. The system was also designed to monitor for water and gas leaks and shut off the water or gas if needed. They were also able to see if any doors or windows had been left open as well as remotely arm and disarm the alarm system to allow cleaning and maintenance workers into the home.

Help! Make it easy to use!

universal remote control home automation The Johnson family moved into an existing home that came with a great new surround sound system. They soon found that the sound performance was not what they had anticipated and the system was complicated and confusing to use. We were able to rewire their existing system for better performance as well as provide them with a computer programmed universal remote control. Now all the Johnsons need to do is press a single button labeled "Watch DVD" and it turns the TV, DVD player and surround sound receiver on, switches the TV and surround sound receiver to the appropriate input selections, and activates the play function on the DVD player.

How can I listen to my favorite music throughout my existing home?

SONOS whole house music A huge music fan just moved into an older home downtown and wanted to be able to listen to her music collection throughout her home. Without having to tear apart her walls or string new wires all over we were able to provide and install a wireless SONOS streaming music system. The SONOS system allowed her to listen to her entire music collection from her computer hard drive, thousands of internet radio stations from around the world and internet music services like Pandora and Rhapsody throughout her home including her kitchen, den, living room, bedroom and bathroom. Not only can she listen to her music collection but now she can listen to her favorite radio station from her old home town of Austin Texas.