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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire an ESC?
Electronic Systems Contractors (ESC's) specialize in all of your home's electronic systems. We attend manufacturers' trainings, continuing educational events and require certifications for many of the systems we service.
Isn't everything wireless now?
Although some wireless technologies are beginning to arrive on the scene, reliable easy to use systems still rely on old fashioned wire and this does not appear to be changing in the near future.
Can I add electronic systems to my existing home?
We have successfully added or retrofitted new systems into existing homes for many years. There are many options available that will allow you to enjoy many of the same benefits that newly built homes have without having to remodel or tear apart the walls in your existing home.
I heard that these systems do not work or are unreliable.
Unfortunately we do see installed systems in homes that have been poorly designed and installed. With our vast experience we are able to provide systems that are reliable, easy to use and outperform your expectations.
Aren't these systems expensive?
The market has exploded in the last few years allowing for even more features and value. There are solutions on the market for all levels of performance and our rates are competitive even with service providers like the big box stores yet we are able to provide a much cleaner, personal and professional installation experience.