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Residential Systems

Prewire Infrastructure
Much like the foundation of your home, the wiring infrastructure in your home's walls is the foundation of your home's electronic systems. By using the highest quality wire and by designing and specifying the complete system layout we ensure that your home's systems will operate on a solid foundation and offer future upgrade and expandability.
Whole House Audio and Video Systems
Enjoy your favorite music throughout your entire home. Today's multiroom home audio and video systems will allow you to relax in your den while listening to your favorite jazz album or play your favorite party music throughout the home while entertaining. Add video to your home's systems and watch the game anywhere in your home or pause your favorite movie and pick it up in another room. more..
Media and Theater Rooms
Watch the latest blockbusters from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Whether it is a dedicated theater room or a big screen surround system in your den you can enjoy all of your favorite movies and never stand in line for tickets again.
Universal Remote Controls and Systems Integration
Watching your favorite TV show can be as simple as pressing a single button labeled "Watch TV". Computer programmable remote controls simplify the operation of your home's entertainment systems. Now everyone in the family can enjoy a movie with a press of a button.
Lighting and Shade Control
Enjoy the convenience and energy saving benefits of a whole house lighting control system. Go to bed at night and be sure all of your home's lights have been turned off with the single press of a button. Create lighting scenes for the perfect ambiance whether it is party time or a cozy dinner for two. Dim your home's lights for optimal energy savings and usage.
Home Security
Sleep soundly at night knowing that your home's security system will alert you and the authorities at a moment's notice. Always know that your home is being monitored while you are away.
Networks and Communications
Watch your favorite movie instantly online or intercom from room to room. With computers and the internet becoming more integrated into our lifestyles we can provide professionally designed and installed networks that will be robust enough to handle all of your streaming content and communication needs.