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Systems Planning and Design
Much like the foundation of any building, the wiring infrastructure in the walls of your home or business is the foundation of your electronic systems. By thoroughly designing your home's systems on the front end we are able to foresee any possible issues as well as account for all parts and scenarios leaving you without any surprises in the end. Depending on the scale and scope of your project we are able to provide complete architectural wiring schematics and systems documentation.
We are able to provide a wide range of installation services ranging from the installation of your new TV all the way to providing a complete custom whole house integrated system. Whether we are installing your new TV, prewiring a new home or installing your home's final electronic systems we are able to provide all of the required installation services needed for your project at a competitive rate. From the prewire stage to the trim-out and final equipment installation we strive to exceed all expectations.
We have many years of real world experience working with and programming many residential and commercial lighting control and automation systems ranging form simple universal remote controls to large integrated systems totaling in the millions of dollars. We are certified, have attended training and are able to provide programming and support for the following systems:
    • AMX Netlinx / AxcessX
    • Landmark / Phast
    • Lutron Homeworks / RadioRa
    • Vantage Q Link /
    • LiteTouch
    • RTI remote controls
    • URC remote controls
    • Panasonic Digital Hybrid PBX Phone and Voicemail Systems
We have experience with and are able to offer service for a wide range of systems and products.
System Rebuilds
Unfortunately, we do ocasionally come across systems that have been provided and installed by others that have never performed as promised due to poor initial design, substandard installation practices or just poor communication between the installation company and home owner. We are able to provide a system checkup and provide you with documentation and a plan of how the current system can be redesigned into a solution that will work.